Sewing Under the Sea: Kids BOM

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Pass on the Love of Sewing!

A "Block-of-the-Month" with your child in mind.

All ages, both boys and girls!

There is nothing quite as sweet as a child who receives a package in the mail addressed to him... a special package with something EVEN MORE SPECIAL inside of it! It's an opportunity to create possibilities! It's your way of passing on the love of sewing to a new generation. 

How do I sign up?

Whether pick-up or mail delivery, your child will be delighted!

Sign your child up for our special "Sewing Under the Sea" block of the month for kids by registering on this page! Just a $19.95 per month fee (includes shipping!), your child will receive a new kit and pattern, along with access to the online class where he/she will learn from "Captain Kris" how each block goes together. By the end of the 6 months, they will have completed a unique and cheerful quilt! 

A NEW BLOCK KIT will be sent out each month to your child's doorstep. All kits AND online instruction are INCLUDED in your sign-up fee!

Depending on the age and skill level of your child, we highly recommend the child cuts, presses and sews with adult guidance at home. 

About Your Instructor

Kris Thurgood

Kris Thurgood

Owner & Instructor

Owner of My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe and former co-host of the popular web show, The DIY Dish, Kris' greatest accomplishment is being the mom of 4 great kids and the wife of one amazing husband. When she's not sewing, she loves belting out 80's songs, and embarrassing her children with her 14-year-old dance moves. Taking an occasional nap ranks #1 for the perfect week and her greatest wish would be to have a full-time chef at home! :)

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Sewing Straight Lines

Following a Pattern

How to Applique

Sewing a Button

4-Patch Blocks & Pinwheels

Binding a Quilt

Let's get started!

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